An apathetic society is a safe haven for victimizers where they can hide, plan and expand their criminal networks against children. A sympathetic society is aware of the victimization occurring but for diverse reasons struggle to enter in. Sympathy is feeling badly for the suffering of others. It is passive, allowing separation to exist between the bystander and the victimized. Even though sympathy is a step in the right direction, both apathetic and sympathetic societies fail to actually address the injustice. Empathy closes this gap by diving into the suffering of others. It is active, compelling the empathizer toward action. Simply put, the difference between sympathy and empathy is entering in. Imagine the difference in law enforcement, legislators, leaders, influencers, and every day citizens in an apathetic society versus an empathetic one. Empathy is the essence of iEmpathize.

“We could eradicate slavery. The laws are in place. The multi nationals, the world trade organization, the United Nations; they could end slavery but they’re not going to do it until and unless we demand it.” -Kevin Bales

Take the time to view this media piece featuring a talk by Jeremy Rifkin. Jeremy is an American economist, writer, public speaker, political advisor and activist. This video is produced by the RSA (Royal Society for the Encouragement of Arts) and may not reflect the views of iEmpathize it its entirety.

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