DSC_5974Hello Empathizers,

Thank you for visiting iEmpathize.org.

Our organization began through the passion and journey of our founder, Brad Riley, and a small group of his close friends. Brad’s experience with people and communities struggling with vulnerability began in the early 1990s working with urban youth. In the mid 2000’s, he partnered with several anti-trafficking projects in SE Asia to launch prevention programs and aftercare efforts. After visiting those projects and encountering child survivors of sexual exploitation, Brad returned to the United States committed to rallying others to join him in efforts to eradicate child exploitation at home and internationally. In 2009, he and a group of passionate people devoted their ideas, expertise, influence, time, services, artistry, and money to establish iEmpathize, an organization committed to combatting crimes against children. We prioritize prevention and our programs empower youth and adults with empathy and action.

With that culture of collaboration and empathy as our foundation, we move our mission forward with a host of creative partners, passionate team members and volunteers, and strategic partnerships. We invite you to join us. Be a part of the movement of empathy to transform the lives of vulnerable and victimized children.

Empathy = Ending It

~The iEmpathize Team