Empowering the oil and gas industry and boom communities throughout the US with the tools to recognize and respond to exploitation and trafficking. 

Oil, gas, and trucking industries and the communities surrounding them can now team up to combat the fastest growing illicit global business, human trafficking.

While oil, gas, trucking, and other related industries are not to blame for the human trafficking issues in our country, they are a nonetheless a lucrative target for traffickers. Numerous factors contribute to that fact, not least of which is that these industries are operated almost exclusively by men. When large deposits of oil are discovered in once sleepy towns, for instance, or a chemical industry erupts in success, men will follow in huge numbers, knowing that the chances of a steady job – and a job that pays well, for that matter – will be readily available. Suddenly, that small town is overwhelmed by an inflated population, and there is often no infrastructure to guard it.

Traffickers concentrate their efforts on these environments.  They know men are likely to gather there for extended periods of time away from their families and support systems, and will be more susceptible to their tactics.

BOOM is a film campaign designed to train the general public, boom industry sectors, and law enforcement to recognize and respond to human trafficking issues in boomtown communities.  You can access the boom campaign in two distinct ways:

1. iEmpathize Led Campaign – iEmpathize can join you for a screening of the film paired with a community engagement training session. With options focused upon the general public, industry sectors, and law enforcement, we can offer your community a Film and Talk presentation that will provide you with the tools you need to combat the issue. 

2. Community Led Campaign – You can host your own screening of Boom. We can work with you to develop a successful screening event geared towards the needs of your own community, employees, students, etc.

We can also provide you with additional resources, such as the Empower Youth Curriculum, designed to teach high school students to stay safe if they encounter potentially exploitative situations, or our Home Event platform, which is designed to provide empathetic individuals with a way to share strategies to keep our communities safe by starting in our own homes.

Watch a trailer for BOOM.

If you are interested in learning more about how you can host the BOOM Campaign, contact us at info@iempathize.org for more information.