WE Empathize

WE Empathize. What is it? 

WE Empathize is a group of individuals, businesses, and communities that are passionate about partnering with iEmpathize to eradicate child exploitation. Their financial contributions provide iEmpathize with the resources required to sustain and expand our work. WE Empathize members go further than funding though. They engage. WE Empathize members are assisting in program development and expanding our influence to new regions, cities, and sectors. They are volunteering their services, building relationships that intersect with the issue, and introducing our work to the right people. WE Empathize members are at the core of iEmpathize!

For their commitment to iEmpathize, WE Empathize members receive a greater level of attention than we are able to afford to the general public. This also includes special invitations to iEmpathize events, film screenings, and our annual WE Event.

Becoming a member is simple! All you have to do is donate a minimum of $25/month or $300/year and have a desire to partner with us at a deeper level.  If you have the desire, but not the financial resources, then raise that same amount for iEmpathize. Start your own fundraising campaign. It’s easier than you think!

If you have any questions, or would like more information please contact Mike Smith, our Operations and Development Director, at mike@iempathize.org.

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