“The more I attend conferences and learn, the more I see that everything iEmpathize does is done with excellence. Your approach to the issue, your strategies, and the way you communicate really set iEmpathize apart.” – Attendee at a Denver human trafficking conference


A film screening and engaging talk by an iEmpathize representative is a strong way to introduce your audience to issues of child exploitation and trafficking both domestically and internationally. Using our original films, we can provide your audience with an introduction to the issue and the solutions that can eradicate it. Film and talk events can also integrate digital photography and artifacts.

To explore some of our film options, visit our Media Library. We particularly specialize in delivering tailored Film and Speaker events for the following groups:

  • Members of Oil and Gas Industries or Boom Communities
  • Educators and School Counselors
  • Social Workers
  • Parents
  • Law Enforcement
  • Faith Communities
  • Universities
  • General Public

When you don’t have the capacity to host one of our larger events, this is a great option. To inquire about pricing and schedules, contact us at info@iempathize.org.