Engage the public and raise funds in diverse ways through immersive mixed media experiences and narratives. iEmpathize films, photography, and artifacts profoundly impact our audiences as we communicate the specific stories in the exact locations of the children we help. Our media is featured at museums, galleries, universities, faith communities, businesses, conferences, government venues, television, radio, and more. Visit the pages in the  “experience” section of this website to choose which event fits your vision, hosting capacity, and budget.

We provide hosting kits, media tools, marketing strategies, and staff support to ensure your event makes the greatest impact possible. We help you set your attendance and fundraising goals. We help you with venue selections and give you the resources to acquire event sponsors if needed. We minimize the stress on the host teams by walking you through the process step by step and even make pre-trips for planning when necessary. Contact us at to begin the process of bringing iE to your city or event!

“Should you choose to host iEmpathize for an Empathy Event, be warned: You will never be the same…” It is not more facts or statistics about human trafficking. It is smiling faces of children who are brutalized, the glancing eyes of young men made to perform sex, the names of young women forced into brothels that confronts you, breaks your heart, and disturbs your soul. Yet, through this, and the passionate, broken hearts of the iEmpathize Team the light of hope shines bright… for through this experience we learn, not only about the problem, but how we can be a part of ending human trafficking. We chose to host an Empathy Event: We are not the same, and for that we are grateful.” ~ Event Host
Expound Event: Film and Speaker
The Empathy Exhibit
Empathy Experience: Exhibit, Music, Speaker
Interested in a smaller event at your home or small venue? Check out the Home and Social Space Event options. 
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