“This was one of the BEST trainings I have been to . . . This has become a passion of mine recently, and this training has given a fantastic framework to work with families.” -Kansas Social Worker

An iEmpathize team member training social workers in Kansas.

An iEmpathize team member training social workers in Kansas.

iEmpathize has trained thousands of individuals in a variety of regions and sectors on the subjects of child exploitation and trafficking. Our trainers share their expertise and use iEmpathize media to educate, equip, and inspire your audience with solution based responses to issues of child exploitation. Our trainings cover causes and effects, factors that can lead to exploitation, and prevention strategies for educators and school counselors, social workers, parents, the general public, law enforcement, members of oil and gas industries, and members of the hospitality industry.

If you are interested in a training for your group or organization, email us at info@iEmpathize.org. Also, be sure to check out our two speciality training events, highlighted below and offered on an ongoing basis.

Practitioner Training

Our practitioner trainings empower professionals who work with youth to understand the roots of exploitation, to identify how those roots can present in the lives of the youth they work with, and to generate a response protocol that equips their organization to respond effectively. Our training goes beyond intervention techniques to also address prevention strategies that focus on empowering youth to identify their pushes, navigate negative pulls, and pinpoint positive pulls. In addition to our unique and empowering methodological approach to prevention and intervention, our emphasis on the fundamental relationship between empathy and the eradication of exploitation allows us to provide training that yields actionable strategies for your team, group, or organization.

Practitioner trainings can be individualized to meet your group’s needs, and are a great fit for educators, social workers, and a variety of other professionals providing services or care for youth. Finally, if you are interested in learning best strategies to implement The Empower Youth Program in your space, a Practitioner Training can cover this content to in a train-the-trainer format.

The Prevention Approach Workshop

The Prevention Approach Workshop empowers your group or organization to advocate effectively and strategically for exploitation prevention programming for youth in your community. This workshop is ideal for community-serving, anti-trafficking organizations, task forces, and other community-serving organizations that want to enhance their efforts to bring prevention programming to youth. Visit this link to learn more.


To schedule a training or workshop, email us at info@iEmpathize.org.

“I really learned a lot, including great info to use not only with families I work with but also my own girls at home.”

“Fantastic presentation, really appreciate the tools to help kids and families. I’ve learned a lot about trafficking itself but now I feel more prepared to work with the families. Just knowing how to approach the conversation and what to say will help tremendously!”