SE Asia has been dealing with serious child exploitation issues for years. We are eyewitnesses to the systems of victimization after going undercover in brothels and visiting the villages and neighborhoods experiencing the problems. In one case near Phnom Penh, Cambodia, a mother attempted to sell our team a $5 sex act performed by her 6 year old daughter. These encounters haunt and motivate us.


We continue to support Chab Dai, a local network of child advocates fighting this injustice at various levels and in diverse ways. Completed projects include funding media materials for local prevention and education efforts in Cambodia like the story flip-board you see in the Scooter Hero film.


We contribute funding to Transitions Global who specializes in programs transitioning child survivors into adulthood and addressing recidivism. We also contributed to the building of the Love146 Round home restoring child survivors in the Philippines.

We are currently researching future projects and plan to reemerge in the region for 2013.

The Scooter Hero event is a mass awareness and fundraising event inspired by Yeng who is featured in the film. He rides a scooter to villages to protect kids from traffickers, we ride on behalf of the kids he protects. If you are interested in hosting the Scooter Hero Ride and Walk in your city contact us at info@iempathize.org



Shot on location in Thailand, Cambodia, The Philippines, and Boulder CO.

Director/Editor Stephen Vidano  ||  Field Director Brad Riley  ||  Camera Timothy Hill, Simon Scionca, Stephen Vidano  ||  Sound Jessie Marek  ||  Music by Son Lux

Photography by Peter Gibson, Artifact images by Megan Newton and Ray Rushing