Thousands of US minors are victims of trafficking each year. The FBI has rescued over 1,500 kids through their Innocence Lost initiatives in the past couple of years alone. They believe they are just scratching the surface. Unfortunately, those numbers are solid indicators that child trafficking and sexual exploitation is an enormous problem in the US. We are responding in several ways.

Shari’s Story

iE’s US intervention project centers around our collaboration with Truckers Against Trafficking. We partner to engage the trucking industry and its 3 million drivers in combatting the child trafficking issue along our nations highways and at truck stops. Learn more in Shari’s Story.

One Border: LA Hub

The LA Hub mission is to eradicate child exploitation in the Southern California/Tijuana region by evoking empathy, empowering solutions and engaging culture. Learn more in One Border: La Hub.

Oil Boom: North Dakota

Educating and empowering oil boom communities to recognize and respond to issues of human trafficking and child exploitation. Learn more in Oil Boom: North Dakota.

Empower Survivors

Our Survivors Fund launches this year to address the needs of US aftercare for minors. Funds are distributed to directly support therapy, medical needs related to victimization, education, and address recidivism. Learn more at Empower Survivors.

Empower Youth Prevention Curriculum

US Teen Protection Project (At-Risk and High School Outreach) – Film, photography, and artifacts tell the story of teen victims and survivors of trafficking. Powerful object lessons and interactive discussions centered around the media connect to youth in profound ways. Learn more at Empower at Risk Teens

Media and Influence

In addition to the web, this media campaign has been featured at colleges and high schools, at trucking events with tens of thousands trucking industry professionals in attendance, and by US Homeland Security, and over 10,000 dvd’s have been ordered to train drivers.