Educating and empowering oil boom communities to recognize and respond to issues of human trafficking and child exploitation. 

Project Description

Boom is the story of a recent college graduate who moves to North Dakota to get a job in the oil fields as a trucker. While immersed in the community he is confronted by a problem bigger than he could imagine: a vast network of human trafficking and criminal activity. Join him on his journey and some of the friends he makes along the way. Explore the social impact on residents and the surrounding industry. Go undercover into the night life, club scenes, and prostitution rings. Journey into the darkness of his thoughts as he gives personal monologues about his experiences, work, and struggles. Experience firsthand accounts from locals, truckers, and prostitutes in the area. Enter with us into some serious problems that are happening right here in Middle-America.

The Impact

The impact of this project goes beyond the production of the film. Our organization uses these types of media projects/campaigns to creatively educate and engage local communities that are affected by the issue. This film and campaign will empower oil boom communities to recognize and respond to human sex trafficking. Then we will give you the tools to respond and save lives. Ultimately, these campaigns lead to the protection of vulnerable kids and the rescue of those being victimized. Learn more.