Historically, media of the day has been a voice of movements fighting injustice and has moved people to action. Our media experiences bring the reality of child trafficking to the people who can do something about it. According to Kevin Bales, most of the mechanisms that are needed to end modern slavery are in place. Public outrage and a global movement of empathizers could truly be the tipping point.

“Political will (in most countries) is directly proportional to public awareness and concern. Until slavery reaches the public agenda slaves will continue to suffer.” Kevin Bales

In addition to empowering grassroots solutions, public awareness is a very big aspect of what iEmpathize does. In developing nations, it is often difficult to develop sustainable paths that solve justice issues indigenously. This places a dependency on outside resources. With Mexico having the 11th largest economy, we create media tools for local abolitionist efforts to combat the heinous crime of child trafficking. We are now advocating and fundraising for Mexico’s vulnerable and victimized children in both the US and in Mexico. We are amplifying the voice of survivors and letting them speak to those who need to hear them.


Author: brad