We are creating a  bi-national media  piece to engage the public, telling the stories of survivors trafficked across the San Diego/Tijuana border. Our persuasive media provides a platform on which to communicate the the  bi-national nature of human trafficking our in area and the urgent need for community members on BOTH sides of the border to take a stand against the exploitation of kids on a local level. We have numerous pre-established relationships with survivors, law enforcement, and government leaders on both sides of the border as well as many other key players.

Phase 1: Raise $20,000. Create Persuasive Media. Communicate the Issue.

Help us make it happen!


We have development projects  in prevention, intervention, aftercare and advocacy. These solutions impact vulnerable and victimized kids on a local and international level.       Join us.

Prevention and Protection

Protect kids on the Southern California/Tijuana border.

Empower Youth is a mixed media prevention
program using film, photography, and artifacts
to teach students and educators how to
recognize and respond to teen trafficking.
We will
target high schools in high risk areas by
implanting our Empower Youth curriculum and
addressing kids at risk to victimization as well as
risk to pimping and trafficking.





Training the trucking industry to recognize and respond to traffickin at truck stops  Intervention

 We equip the trucking industry to recognize and respond  to  trafficking at truck stops and on lots.  We will continue to engage the trucking industry on a state  and national level. We are already working with California  Trucking Association to whom we have provided over 5000  DVDs distributed to safety training classes. We will also continue to strategically target California trucking industry  professionals in places where they convene such as the Las Vegas Trucking Convention.




Aftercare and Restoration

Southern California Survivor Fund will be
used to meet the immediate restoration
needs of local trafficking survivors.
Click here to donate. We will implement our Survivors Fund and distribution system in Los Angelos, San Diego and Tijuana. Eventually this will  expand  to a state wide level, meeting the immediate restoration needs to victims and working with their case workers and guardians to insure their needs are met. We will also  open a safehome in Tijuana for over 30 survivors. We already have the building and permissions necessary to establish the home.





The Tijana/San Diego Bi-National project addresses the current trafficking issues on the U.S/Mexican border,  facilitating the collaboration of NGOS and law enforcement to create lasting solutions. Our ultimate goal is to protect, intervene and restore the lives of exploited kids in our community while engaging and mobilizing the public to empathize and act. We  project that our ongoing expenses will cost thousands of dollars  this year alone. Make a difference with us!




Author: iempathize