2011: The Year in Pictures

2011 was an incredible adventure. I want to thank so many of you for empathizing and engaging with us this year. Through thoughtful volunteerism and generous contributions to iEmpathize we have collectively strengthened our impact in the lives of the children we serve. We are grateful to have doubled our budget from last year! Victims have…


3 year old *Pearlea’s eyes sparkled as I spotted her in the busy mall. Her tiny hands were clinging to a department store bag. As soon as the coveted hugs and kisses were given, she was allowed to open the bag, pull out and slip on the princess dress she had chosen for herself. This…

iEmpathize Media Launch in Mexico

Historically, media of the day has been a voice of movements fighting injustice and has moved people to action. Our media experiences bring the reality of child trafficking to the people who can do something about it. According to Kevin Bales, most of the mechanisms that are needed to end modern slavery are in place….

The Mexico Experience Premiere & Benefit

The Mexico Experience Premiere & Benefit For the Vulnerable Children of Mexico City Film I Photography I Artifacts I Music An immersive media and music storytelling experience celebrating the rescue and resilience of the child survivors of human trafficking in Mexico. With special guest, Mexico’s Anti-Trafficking Task Force Leader and Congresswoman, Rosi Orozco. Over $11,000…

Empathy Week: New Mexico State

Empathy Week at New Mexico State University was a huge success. Students hosted iEmpathize for 3 days of academic programs, awareness, publicity events, and fund-rasing. Over 100 student activists engaged thousands of fellow students in conversations, idea exchanges, events, and support for our work.  Well done NMSU!