Art for Freedom

  • 7pm

This art show is designed to create awareness and aid to freedom. It will consist of 26 pieces representing a sense of freedom for humankind and our world, physically and spiritually. 20 paintings by Kael Kramer and 6 pottery collections by Tracy Shulsinger will be displayed, along with 1-2 pieces by guest artists. Also each painting by Kael will have a counterpart. This will be a print of itself combined with a model that has been painted or decorated to become part of the piece him/herself – as if they are displaying each other in a way. These prints will be done in artistic fashion with creative photographers. They will reflect nature, freedom and world related blessings and issues.

This theme of ‘Freedom’ is a purposeful diverse theme allowing much room for variance in content. And one that creates the opportunity to contribute to charity. A percentage of 40-52% from the sale of these pieces will be split among two different charities supporting human freedom and environmental freedom. A complete sale of one painting will be given to each charity also, along with a donation box for direct contributions.


WildEarth Guardians
“We believe in nature’s right to exist and thrive. We act on this belief with compassion and courage by preserving the wild world.”

Event Schedule:
7pm – 7:45pm Opening ceremony gong bath and didgeridoo sound concert by Gary Fishman.
8pm – 10pm Silent auction. Including educational and entertainment valued representation from our charity beneficiaries and beautiful music performed by Lara Ruggles.
10pm -12am ‘After Party’ dance celebration with Buddha Bomb.

If you can please donate towards the cost of creating and hosting this event at this link:

There are perks of free different size prints available through the link; and to anyone interested we can offer a gift certificate to Providence Tavern (Edgewater, CO – good drink and food) of $50, please inquire for details.