Empowerment Model Training- Los Angeles, CA

  • 09:00 AM

Runaway Girl, Sowers Education Group and iEmpathize have teamed up to present a 4-day training conference on human trafficking, “CPR,” or Community Protocol for Response. These sessions will educate and empower Learn4Life LA-area educators as they learn the vulnerabilities of potential victims, the various resources they may use to identify and report a suspected trafficker and how to best meet the needs of a survivor. iEmpathize representative Guido Hajenius will discuss the concept of empathy in the context of the fight against human trafficking. He will also show  educators how they intersect with the issue as well as how they can work preventatively with youth.

Runaway Girl, FPC is a California Flexible Purpose Corporation, providing career development and employment opportunities for runaways and former runaways. Currently, Runaway Girl, FPC invests in sustainable community based responses to commercial sexual exploitation of children and human trafficking.  They do this by incorporating the expertise of local community members.

Sowers Education Group works to prevent human trafficking by helping youth navigate our media-driven society. Rachel Thomas will share about the tactics of traffickers, including mind control, and the effects this has on survivors. She will also preview her 10-week curriculum for survivors calling “Ending the Game”.