Freedom Week NYC

Human life is precious, not a commodity

A human life is precious—not a commodity.  Freedom Week aims to inspire those with the freedom to choose how they live their lives to help set free those who do not. Through dynamic and creative education, honest and open discussion, and unified activism, we hope to create a movement that will ultimately lead to the eradication of modern slavery and human trafficking worldwide.

Freedom Week brings organizations together to educate the public and raise awareness. Freedom Week is an annual week-long series of events that does just that. The events vary from academic to artistic. Past events have featured: panel discussions with high-profile speakers, dance performances, theater pieces, poetry readings, film screenings, art auctions, art exhibitions, concerts, markets/expos, and walk-a-thons. By being able to market a solid calendar of events, we are able to not only raise awareness about this important issue, but also connect people with organizations, and help organizations to network with each other.

Freedom Week invited iEmpathize to present our exhibit or stories of survivors and advocates in a gallery in New York City for the week.