LA: Empathy Week @ USC

  • 11:00 AM

iEmpathize will host four main components of Empathy week from March 24-27.

Empathy Experiment: March 24-26th from 11am-3pm                                                                                                                               Participants can stop by any of the three booths set up on and off campus to take part in the Empathy Experiment to learn how they can enter in to others’ suffering even if they haven’t experienced the same type of suffering as others.

Empathy Exhibit: March 24-26th from 11am-3pm, TCC Ballroom                                                                                                                                        Participants will have the opportunity to tour an exhibit of sex trafficking artifacts from the locations of exploitation and rescue. Enter into the stories of survivors and advocates here in the US and around the world. The event will take place in the TCC Ballroom on the USC campus.

Film Screening of Boom: March 25th at 8pm, International Residential College (4th floor middle lounge)
Be at the Montana premier of “Boom”! ”Boom” is the story of a college graduate who moves to North Dakota to work as a trucker in the oil fields. He quickly becomes acutely aware that there is more being exploited in the high northern plains than just natural resources. Go undercover with iEmpathize and explore the darker side of our oil communities through club scenes and prostitution rings. The Montana premiere of this film will empower us to recognize and respond to human trafficking in and around our communities.

The MAZE : March 26th from 7pm-9pm, TCC Ballroom
Our final immersive night of Empathy Week is a celebratory event featuring The Maze, a magician who has bewildered audiences for the past decade. Help us celebrate what we were able to accomplish during Empathy Week and join the empathetic movement  fighting the  illusions behind human trafficking. Invite your friends! It’s sure to be a night you won’t forget!

“Should you choose to host iEmpathize for an Empathy Event be warned, you will never be the same…” 
– iEmpathize event patron 

iEngage: Thursday 12-1pm and 1-2pm, VKC Room 200A
Want to be more involved in combating human trafficking in the LA area? Join us to learn more about the issue in LA, what iEmpathize is doing about it and how you can get involved. Lunch will be provided.