Mexico City: Camp Empatía

Camp Emptia empowers teens in high risk communities in Mexico.

iE Expeditions are always about the kids. Participants are educated about the issues iEmpathize and our partners are addressing; meet survivors, local practitioners, and national influencers; work directly with at-risk kids. There are many ways that we will work in their behalf ranging from encouraging and serving the children and staff from our partnerships to advocating for children along side Mexican nationals. In addition to empowering grassroots solutions, public awareness is a very big aspect of what iEmpathize does. With Mexico having the 11th largest economy, we create media tools for local abolitionist efforts to combat the crime of child trafficking and inspire the public to engage. You will be an active participant in this!


Immerse yourself in Mexico’s child trafficking issue by serving and encouraging the kids and staff of our child protection and restoration partnerships. Interact with child advocates and anti-trafficking leaders.


Advocate alongside Mexican nationals and engage the public in iEmpathize anti-trafficking media screenings, exhibits, and events. iE experiences tour the city in strategic art, government, university, and public venues.

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