The Summit- Christian Leaders Combating Human Trafficking

The Summit will be a strategic gathering of 40-50 Christian leaders representing those churches and ministries with a passion and commitment to serve the vulnerable and oppressed, along with the capacity to do so, in their local communities, around the nation, and throughout the world.

The purpose of The Summit will be to develop a holistic anti-trafficking strategy that churches and their constituents are uniquely positioned to execute – one that everyone can implement within their local communities.

A core team of Christian experts working in all areas of human trafficking – including prevention, detection/identification, rescue, restoration, and prosecution/policy reforms – will be present with us throughout the Summit to share what is working and what is possible when the church body stands in the gap on behalf of this issue.

The core team members include the leadership of:

* Gateway Church – * Alliance for Freedom, Restoration, and Justice, Inc. – * The A21 Campaign – * Christ Fellowship – * iEmpathize – * Orphan Secure – * Street Grace – * Wellspring Living –

The Summit in 2014 is hosted by Gateway Church in Southlake, TX in partnership with the Alliance for Freedom, Restoration, and Justice, Inc.