The Radical and Reasonable

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In recent weeks, iEmpathize and a host of other organizations have experienced a rerouting of personal and private funding going to address the needs in Haiti. Your participation in this simple giving program will help iE in profound ways.

This year’s Martin Luther King Day was deeply moving for me as I journaled some concepts inspired by listening to and reading his speeches.  It was not a radical request but a reasonable one for a person to drink from the same fountain and sit in the same seat on a bus as everyone else.  What was radical was that some were willing to die for that reasonable request. Change comes about through the convergence of the radical and the reasonable. Our team has streamlined our personal budgets to brace for the delicate phase of launching a non-profit. We chose this road and we are not asking everyone to make the same radical decision that we have, but we are asking for people to do something reasonable.

Author: brad