You don’t get what you deserve…

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I read a business article in one of those airplane magazines that struck me. It said something to the effect of, “You don’t get what you deserve… you get what you negotiate.” I’ve always been the bull dog type. You lock on to a meaningful project or a particular problem and don’t relent until you finish it or fix it. The other thing is that you do not worry about who notices. For the most part, that wasn’t a bad methodology for me. Even though the magazine article is not my new motto, it did speak to me. I don’t aspire to be known as the negotiator, but advocating for the kids we serve means inspiring people to empathize and engage. It is not so much about negotiating with you but simply getting you to notice the need. I don’t negotiate your volunteer time, your services, or even your funding. I don’t like the phrase, “competing for donors”. We work hard to change kids’ lives and we work equally as hard to tell the real stories of kids who need to be noticed. When you grasp the reality of child exploitation and trafficking, you cannot help but figure out something to do. There is no cause more “deserving” of getting noticed. Our cause is about stopping crimes against children and supporting recovery for survivors. Bad guys deserve jail and vulnerable children deserve to be safe but just because kids deserve our protection and support doesn’t mean we will do it.

What we have learned is that our collaborative methods and programs are working. We have child/teen survivors in the US and Mexico with immediate needs. Right here in our home state of Colorado there are dozens of child victims and they, along with their families/foster families, have almost no support. We are not okay with this and with your help we can respond to their needs. Our collaborative work to engage truckers has led to over 200 tips called in and teens have been rescued. We need to get to the truck shows to keep the momentum going. We have piloted our new programs for teen prevention to over 1000 high school students in Denver and LA. Now we need to finish developing the programs for schools nationwide and in multiple languages.

We need your help…
Thank you to all our collaborators and supporters. We need your help to continue our work and strengthen our impact. Dive into our new website, explore the media, and re-notice our kids. It would be so helpful for you to invite others to notice. Would you share the stories of the kids we serve by pointing people to our website? Thank you for fighting with us to eradicate child exploitation and inspiring culture to empathize and engage.  DONATE TODAY

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