Our mission is to evoke empathy and empower people to eradicate child exploitation. We produce original media as a catalyst to accomplish this.

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Why Media? Media is a powerful tool capable of inspiring great empathy. Historically, media has been used to articulate the voice of justice movements and to inspire involvement. For instance, during the transatlantic slave trade, actual slave artifacts and media of the day were key in awakening people to abolition. iEmpathize aims to harness the power of media in this same way in order to inspire modern movements of justice. Since we can’t always bring you to the issue, we bring the issue to you.

We are a human rights group first and foremost. We are not a media group passionate about human rights; we are a human rights group that views media as a powerful tool to shift culture and perspectives. Thoughtfully produced media evokes empathy, authenticates the issue through original journalism, and effectively educates and engages people.

Our approach to addressing sensitive content: Our passion for change is led by the voice of survivors. iEmpathize media engages survivors as activists, in addition to providing a platform through which they can share their stories. We are committed to strong guidelines when communicating traumatic personal stories and complex content. In fact, we specialize in youth participants, managing difficult subject matters in a relevant and age appropriate way. We avoid sensationalism and stereotypes by focusing on the cause and effects and by presenting practical, actionable solutions.

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“iEmpathize has specifically strengthened the impact of TAT. . . In a day where the medium of technology accounts for a significant portion of how people communicate and learn, iE media has played a vital role in helping us package the TAT message in a compelling and inspirational way, thus enabling TAT to educate, equip, empower and mobilize a major player in the transportation industry to become modern day abolitionists.”

~Kendis Paris, Truckers Against Trafficking


“iEmpathize’s impactful and moving media was incorporated into the Women in the World Summit’s segment on the perils facing women and girls in Mexico and Central America. The brilliant and original footage informed, engaged and inspired our audience. We are so grateful for the partnership with iEmpathize and hope we can work together on women’s issues in the future.”

~Alyse Walsh Producer, Newsweek/Daily Beast


“I have been inspired by the creativity that has emerged from a desire to preserve the dignity of humanity and still tell a compelling story.  To use artifacts that tell a story takes the viewer out of the usual and expected response of visuals of sad and pitied faces into a broader and more diverse way of showing important issues. This methodology inspires us to respond out of passion and hope rather than pity and helplessness”

~Helen Sworn, President, Chab Dai, Cambodia