We equip adults to empower youth to eradicate exploitation.

Camp Somos Uno

We Value:


To empathize is to understand and actively respond to the suffering of others. Empathy inspires movements that shift cultural perspectives and lead toward the end of child exploitation.


Preventing child exploitation in its many forms, including human trafficking, is our top priority. By addressing the fundamental elements that lead to exploitation, we can prevent it.


Because we all intersect with child exploitation, whether directly or indirectly, each of us has a responsibility to act. We help people identify how and where they intersect with this issue and equip them with tools and opportunities to respond.


Multi-media is a tool through which we authenticate the issue of child exploitation. We use original media as a catalyst to inspire empathy, to educate, and to empower a wide range of people and strategic demographics.


Survivors guide the methodology of our content and participate in our programs. Because solutions to this issue must be survivor-centered, we look to them as our compass and inspiration.