Presenting The Prevention Priority, an Annual Report from iEmpathize

We are committed to helping communities access effective and innovative prevention resources, and to overcome barriers that would limit action. Every state has an opportunity to advance the priority of prevention in the same way that priorities in law enforcement actions and survivor support have been advanced. Knowing what benchmarks to aim for is the first step. With that in mind, we provide an annual review of all fifty states and D.C. to identify which have enacted provisions that prioritize prevention education for youth and to urge legislative actions that will ensure youth will access prevention education.

Why Prioritize Prevention
What is a Child Centered Approach
2017 State Grading Report

Get involved: YOU can elevate the prevention priority in your own state.

Ending child exploitation requires all of us to engage, not just our lawmakers. After reading our 2018 State Grading Report – which provides an overview of our findings – select your own state in the selection below to read details about the rating it received and to learn how you can get involved to help elevate the prevention priority in your community.

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2018 Research:
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2017 Research:
Alexandra Johnson

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