1. I consider myself to be a:

  2. In the fight against injustice, I would rather be:

  3. In the case of consistent threat of natural disaster (hurricanes, earthquakes) my talents are best suited for:

  4. Which most closely describes you?

  5. In case of tornado disasters, I would be the person who:

  6. I can most closely identify with the work of:

  7. A family's home burns down. I would rather participate in:

  8. Choose the word that best describes you:

  9. When a war happens in a third world country, I would be most inclined to:

  10. Choose the description that best fits you:

  11. In the fight against cruelty to animals, I would want to:

  12. Choose the phrase which best describes you:

  13. When I see news about children being abducted to fight in a war, I think our government should:

  14. I most identify with the work of the:

  15. Choose the word that feels most like you:

  16. If I could spend two weeks volunteering in the fight against modern day slavery, I would prefer to:

  17. Choose the word that describes your preference of involvement in global issues:

  18. I really enjoy the following activities:

  19. As a medical professional, I would be the:

  20. The word that best describes me is: