This campaign empowers the oil and gas industry and boom communities with the tools to recognize and respond to exploitation and trafficking.

The Challenge:
When small towns experience an oil boom, traffickers see the workers moving in for high-paying jobs as a prime target. While there can be great economic benefits for a town experiencing a boom, there are also social effects. Community members living in a boom need resources to know how to prevent and intervene in issues of child exploitation. And members of boom industries – such as oil and gas – need resources to train their employees to know how to engage on behalf of vulnerable and victimized kids.


Our Response:
We released the BOOM campaign to empower boom communities and members of industries such as oil and gas to create traffick-free communities by forming clear response protocols and committing to employee and community trainings. Like our work to mobilize the trucking industry, BOOM provides the tools this demographic needs to empathize and engage.


Our Impact:
After releasing this program in 2014, we led the conversation with Congressmen, school administrators, law enforcement, and community advocates on how to prevent child exploitation in boom communities in Kansas, North Dakota, and New Mexico. BOOM was featured by The Nobel Peace Prize Forum showcasing iEmpathize boom community prevention strategies.


Training Video:
The 13-minute training video represents a portion of the BOOM Campaign that is designed to empower members of the oil and gas industry to know how to recognize and respond to signs of exploited youth. The film explains the issue of child sex trafficking through the story of a 23-year-old college grad and human rights activist who moves to North Dakota to find work and learn about the social impacts on a boom community. He discovers a dark side of the boom where a small town is experiencing big city problems, including human trafficking. Also featured are the stories of an oil worker who moved to Williston for work, a local North Dakota truck driver, a sociology professor, and a survivor of trafficking. Learn how to identify the signs of trafficking and how to respond effectively.

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