Coming in 2015: Our new program to empower pre-teens and equip educators to preventatively recognize and respond to issues of exploitation.

The Challenge:
According to the FBI, the average age of entry for children to be exploited sexually and trafficked into (under the guise of) prostitution in the United States is 12-14 years old. This key age group needs preventative, empowering programming that provides strategies kids may use to know how to navigate vulnerability in order to stay safe and successful.


Our Response:
The Empower Youth Program for Pre-teens is a tool we are developing that will help educators (and other adults who work with youth) to facilitate age-appropriate, meaningful conversations about navigating vulnerability and staying safe from exploitation. The Empower Pre-Teens Prevention Program trains and inspires students and educators to address exploitative situations in their school and surrounding neighborhoods, with lasting impact. Empower Kids uses an illustrated story book, an animated series and activities to discuss difficult issues such as trust, self confidence, empathy and how to respond to difficult life circumstances. This curriculum can be used in multiple formats including single or multi-day units or a day camp. The day camp uses team-building activities to stimulate discussion. We need your help to make complete the development of this project!

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