Join the empathy movement. iEmpathize internships create opportunities to dive deep into the issue of child trafficking and exploitation while exploring collaborative, culture-shifting solutions. We invite you to check this page frequently to learn about specific internship opportunities, which will be posted as they become available, typically a month or two prior to the end of the Fall, Spring, and Summer semesters.


Fall 2018 Internship Opportunity: Evaluation of Student Growth in Empathy

Applications are now open for a Fall 2018 internship for a specific project under the supervision of iEmpathize’s Education Director, Candace Joice, and Concordia University PhD Candidate, Anne Namuth. This internship is a collaborative research and statistical analysis project to evaluate student growth resulting from The Empower Youth Program, iEmpathize’s exploitation prevention program for youth. This project provides the opportunity for an intern to gain experience in the non-profit sector, in the education arena, and in statistical analysis.  Build your resume with meaningful work while also making an impact for youth.

One position available only.

Project Description:

In 2015, iEmpathize released The Empower Youth Program, an exploitation prevention program for youth aged 12 and up now used in over 150 schools and youth-serving organizations around the country. The program has two objectives: To empower youth with safety strategies and to nurture the development of empathy. The latter objective is the subject of this project: We are investigating new activities and methods to help youth make the leap from a conceptual understanding of empathy to active empathetic engagement. This internship will involve ongoing research and analysis of our first pilot, as well as planning for the second. Tasks include:

  • Tracking and organizing consent forms from multiple schools and teachers.
  • Gathering and interpreting statistical analysis of the pre and post surveys from the pilot.
  • Coding student writing samples and teacher interviews.
  • Identifying current relevant research.
  • Analysis of current data from student results (beyond what is limited to the pilot content).
  • Research into methods for combining previous data with data collected in new formats.

To be successful in this work, the intern will:

  • Utilize a background that includes experience in statistics and data analysis.
  • Contribute to a team collaboratively to analyze the impact of new empathy-driving teaching methods.
  • Contribute to a team collaboratively to develop long-term solutions for ongoing evaluation of The Empower Youth Program.
  • Report findings on a regular basis, to be determined with the Education Manager, with the goal of completion by the end of the Fall 2018 semester.
  • Build on an established system for reporting that will yield a professional quality report at the project’s end.

Required Qualifications:

  • Students in graduate level fields of study only.
  • Preference for students in fields with heavy emphasis on data analysis and statistics.
  • Experience with and access to statistical analysis software is preferred.
  • Preference for students who will participate in this project in connection to their coursework (i.e. for an internship requirement, capstone project, thesis project, or etc.)
  • Capable of independent problem solving and self-motivated work. This project will require ingenuity and persistence in finding information, working through barriers where there seem to be road-blocks, and efficient use of time in order to complete the project by the due-date while also being thorough.
  • Organization, reliability, and attention to detail.
  • Ability to contribute at 5-10 hours a week to the work; more if that is what is required to get the job done in time.


To Apply:

Students from anywhere in the nation may apply.

Please send a resume with three references (names, contact info, and relationship indicated) along with a cover letter to Please use your cover letter to answer these questions: Why do you want this internship in particular? Can you provide some examples of projects or tasks you have completed in the past that would indicate your ability to successfully take on a self-guided project of this kind?


Thank you!