THE PREVENTION Approach Workshop


The Prevention Approach Workshop will empower your group or organization to:

• Kickstart a community response to address the problem of exploitation.
• Break down barriers to bring prevention education to youth in your community.
• Utilize the ground-breaking preventive methodology of The Empower Youth Program
• Acquire best practices for facilitating the program in a variety of youth-serving contexts, from schools to juvenile corrections to mentoring programs.

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This workshop is ideal for anti-trafficking organizations, task forces, and other community-serving groups wanting to enhance their efforts to bring exploitation prevention to youth. One of the biggest challenges of bringing prevention education to youth is communicating its value and necessity to the gatekeepers (such as school district leadership, juvenile corrections staff, and after-school programming professionals). This workshop will equip your organization to express not only the urgency for prevention education, but also the empowering opportunities it offers for our youth.

In addition to the members of your own organization, you may choose to invite leaders in your community who work in youth-serving organizations. Here are some examples:

  • Schools: Principals and other Administrators, Student Services Personnel, Counseling Directors, Curriculum Advisors, School Safety Directors, and other school related leadership, such as school board members and PTA
  • Juvenile Corrections: Any youth-serving staff
  • After-School Programming: Such as staff from Boys and Girls Clubs, YMCA, Big Brother/Big Sister, and other similar after-school mentorship organizations
  • Faith Communities: Youth and Family service leaders
  • Health and Family Services: Social Workers, Clinicians, Therapists, etc.

Whatever your objective as an organization in terms of who you want to have in the room, iEmpathize can help you achieve your goal of getting prevention education to youth.


This workshop is four hours in length. This includes a recommended 30-minute lunch break, which offers a strategic time for attendees to reflect and network together.

If I want to host this workshop, how long does the planning period take?

We recommend at least three months of preparation. This allows time to secure a venue for the event, secure sponsors to help cover any expenses you may have, and to secure attendance. The most important work is about outreach and encouraging strategic members of your community to attend. iEmpathize will provide you with a PDF and JPG of a flier that you can use to advertise the event, and we’ll talk through our best tips to stimulate a good turnout.

Where does the workshop take place?

iEmpathize will come to you! This workshop is intended to engage the community you live in. All you need is a venue that will be comfortable and accessible for your audience and that has a quality projector and speaker system that we can connect our own laptops into for the presentation.

What does the workshop cost?

Travel expenses (flight, hotel, per diem, and – if applicable – ground transportation) plus a $500 training fee for an iEmpathize speaker are requested.

How successful are these workshops in stimulating use of prevention education in their communities?

Let us give you an example! In 2016, iEmpathize visited Tacoma, Washington to provide two days of Prevention Approach Workshops. Since then, Tacoma and Seattle have become some of the busiest locations for use of our prevention program, The Empower Youth Program. Not only that, but inquiries about additional schools and organizations who want to use the program continue to come in thanks to the efforts and passion of that workshops’ attendees. Read more about that workshop.

You can also read an update written by one of that workshop’s attendees, who has now used The Empower Youth Program with over 430 youth at multiple Seattle schools and juvenile corrections environments.

Where can I get more information about The Empower Youth Program?

Visit the Empower Youth Program online where you can find out more information, watch an impact video featuring educators and students, and sample the first of five modules.


Ignite a prevention revolution in your community. We’re here to help!

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