Supporting recovery. Investing in futures.

The Challenge:
Survivors deserve to be front and center in conversations about exploitation, from best practices in prevention to intervention strategies to recovery and rehabilitation methods to advocacy efforts. They also deserve a wide spectrum of individual support for personal well-being and financial security. However, the reality is that they do not always receive these things, and that certainly needs to change.


Our Response:
Since our organization was founded in 2009, we have invested over $50,000 in recovery programs and individual support needs for survivors. We advocate for survivors at policy level. We have produced promotional and educational media for several recovery programs in the United States and Mexico pro bono. And we partner with survivors to appropriately share their stories and engage them as activists.


In 2014, we followed Norma Bastidas – ultra-athelete, single mom, and survivor of sexual violence – on her path to break the world record for the longest triathlon. Along her route, we captured stories of survivors and their advocates. The result – our first, feature-length film titled Be Relentless in partnership with the United Nations – will be a documentary film used to advocate for better policies, laws, services, and support for survivors in Mexico and the United States. Profits will be used to fund opportunities and cover costs of emergencies for survivors of exploitation.