The Apathy Effect immerses its audience in international stories of resilient young survivors of human trafficking and the response of everyday people who were ignited with empathy when confronted by exploitation and the apathy that fuels it.

This educational exhibit and empowerment program ignites empathy and empowers participants with a response to issues of exploitation. The multimedia journey is told through original film, photography, and genuine artifacts with either self-guided or interactive tours available. Learn how and why this is happening, what iEmpathize is doing to help, and how you too can engage to end it.

“Should you choose to host iEmpathize for an Empathy Event,
be warned: You will never be the same…”

- an event host


A guided experience for small groups.

Participants process questions to make personal connections to the issue, experience additional stories for reflection, and generate responses for action personally and practically.



“The exhibit was extremely impactful and created an awareness, understanding of the issue of exploitation, and a motivation to take action in the future.”
– Melinda L. Cain, PhD, Instructor, University of Colorado, Boulder

“The Apathy Effect Exhibit designed by iEmpathize is one of the highest quality programs I have ever been a part of, both in its message, and in its engagement with residents who attended.”
– Michael, UCLA Residential Life Office

“The iEmpathize Exhibit manages to shake you to your bones about the reality we face, then connect you with the incredible resilience and humanity of hope. This display serves as an invigorating testimony to the power of art and storytelling in connecting human beings to one another.”
– Carly, student attendee

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