Our campaigns and media curricula train drivers, travel plaza employees, and related industry businesses to recognize and respond when they encounter an exploitive situation.

The Challenge:
Child Exploitation happens along our nation’s roadways in places like hotels, restaurants, rest areas, travel plazas, ports of entry, etc. Additionally, industries with a high sex ratio imbalance of more men than woman become targets for traffickers.  This means that truckers are often in close proximity to vulnerable and victimized kids, and therefore need to be empowered to know how to recognize and respond to signs of exploitation.


Our Response:
With over 2 million drivers, trucking industry members are the eyes and ears of our nation’s roadways. We partner with Truckers Against Trafficking to mobilize the resources of the trucking industry to make a difference for vulnerable and victimized kids. Since 2009, we’ve created training films explaining how industry members can help. In 2014, we created the Freedom Drivers Project, highlighted in the trailer above, to further empower the trucking community to recognize and respond to human trafficking.


Our Impact:
Our tools have been used to train over 150,000 professionals at truck shows and through safety trainings. Since 2007, members of the trucking industry made more than 1000 calls to the National Human Trafficking Resource Center. These tips provide law enforcement with vital information that leads to the restoration of victims and arrests of perpetrators. The United Nations has named this campaign one of the “Top 100 best practices fighting human trafficking internationally.”


To learn more about our work with the trucking industry watch our Truckers Against Trafficking film in the Industry Training Films section in our media library.